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Interlude: The lowest common denominator

lowest common denominator.jpgI like maths. I wasn't always good at it, but I've always tried to push forward in it, because I consider it a language, just like any other one. The reason I like maths is because it allows you to communicate in simple terms.

One of my favourite concepts in maths is the lowest common denominator (LCD). It brings complicated things down to a communicatable level.

I think that in life common denominators are very important. When growing, what is the simplest thing you need to do to achieve that? What qualifies success? What does your brand constitute of? What is culture? Etc.

Now in many cases the LCD can be something like people, money, quality, but the question again becomes what the LCD of e.g. people is. Is it effort? Is it education? Is it a skill-set? Is it training? You can always bring it down a level until you reach the point where you can in all essence write a manual for it.

And at times there are things that you don't want to bring down to the LCD. Love for instance, success, beauty, etc.

If you brought them down to the point that everyone could replicate the LCDs, then they would be nothing special. Still it helps to know for yourself what the LCD of love is. What makes you love a person, what makes that person love you? That's a tremendous knowledge to have. Similar to what makes you successful and what doesn't.

Food for thought…

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