Materialistic interlude - Things I would like for 2OO8 ~ Sounds + Food 'n' Retail


  • Cordless earplugs that are also headphones - imagine going to bed and blocking out your partner's snoring, and waking up to the sweet sounds of […insert your sweet sound here…].

  • Fluorescent permanent marker - to convert my non-pro Apple laptop-keyboard, into one that lights up in the dark.

  • A binder/folder that allows me to bind printed web-articles into an easy to read non-webzine.

  • A mobile (!) pad that allows me to draw on paper, which stores these drawings electronically, and allows me to later transfer them to my computer - saw this somewhere for €80, always regret not buying it.

  • Some kickin' clothes.

  • For my Laptop and iPod to last me through their 3rd year.

  • Anything on my wish-list.

For 2OO9
  • An Apple laptop that is as light and as thin as possible - So no disk-drive as that can be external. 3-4 USB-ports to compensate would be nice.

  • The next OS (10.6 or 11.0) from Apple.

  • An iPod with a nice screen and no phone - for music, video, books on the road.

  • A small car (unless I live in a big city, then a good rent-a-car service).

  • Orexin A.

  • More public wifi / or a pan-European service.

  • A Wii / DS and time to play it.

  • Some kickin' clothes.


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