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Meta-fnr - Hi…atus

hiatus.gifHello friends and fauna,
I want to reassure people once more that this blog is not dead, though, for the moment, admittedly of little value to readers looking for food, retail, or related coverage.

As was hopefully made clear before, I'm busy with finishing of my master-project, which includes finishing some chapters on the practical data I collected, the conclusions, and the final editing. Since it is technology-related, you'll find my conclusions about it on Tech IT Easy, started with my latest thoughts about funding innovative start-ups.

There's plenty of stuff, I wish I could write about sounds + food 'n' retail every day, but I notice that I get so much more done when I focus on just one thing, and I'm very close to finishing this particular thing.

After this is done, I can get back to posting (my own crappy) drawings and learning/writing about the business and art of running a venue in my chosen industry.

Until then, you can always check out my links, which I do update continuously, and to which I added some cool and useful stuff for interested parties.

Until soon, I hope!

The picture is courtesy of Aaron J. Louie.


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