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5 links to think

  • Seth Godin on Permeability - essentially he presents a simple test to see how well integrated an organisation is. Also food for thought for top-managers at a firm. Do my employees know my name and what I stand for? If not, why not?
  • Hugh MacCleod on De-Commodification - his current business is wine, and he rightly asks about guarding against being just one of the many. His answer: blogging, aka. micro-branding. I think he could've dug deeper.
  • S.B. Johnson on Literary Style and word-count - this one made me think. Steven analyses the average words-per-sentence in best-sellers and classics. His conclusion: books with an average sentence word-count of 20 words or less sell better. Made me count the words of my own sentences in my blog-posts.
  • HBR on managing innovation - a nice Q&A in regards to management, creativity, disruption, and solutions. Answers are broad and range from deconstruction, to isolation, to building communities.
  • NYTimes on a strange cultural trend in Japan - apparently fear is the new black and designers are creating clothes resembling everyday street-objects, like vending-machines. I can't yet draw any conclusion from this, except that Japan is a different place.
These and more can be found in my ever-growing list of bookmarks.


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