Interlude: Technology-inspired Hiatus ~ Sounds + Food 'n' Retail

Interlude: Technology-inspired Hiatus

There are few things in this world I hate more than electronical problems. Yesterday, I had a new harddrive installed in my Mac-laptop. I could have done it myself, but, by my estimates, it would have required me unscrewing and rescrewing approximately 40 screws. So, no thanks! I was in Germany on this occasion and gave the shop my mobile number. The only problem, I found out later, was that my phone refused to roam.

While I was waiting, I saw some beautiful atmospheric places, which I wanted to photograph. Only on that day, my neverfailing camera decided it was a good day to never turn on again... great!

When I came home, I tried to install OS X Leopard (the new Mac-OS), but it somehow screwed up and I was up until 2 a.m., trying to fix it (i.e. re-install). Along with that, my new harddrive makes some strange popping sounds every five minutes, which I unsterstand is a software-issue, but since this drive was advertised to be quiet as a mouse, it's annoying nevertheless.

So, yesterday could very well be described as bland and just plain uninspiring. I'll take a few days off from this blog, to focus on the essentials, and will hopefully be back in full force by this weekend.


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