Media-interlude: food, sex, and… Axe !? ~ Sounds + Food 'n' Retail

Media-interlude: food, sex, and… Axe !?

Christine Huang, at the "Trends & Innovation agency", PSFK, points us to a commercial film, shot by Unilever's Axe and featuring David Spade. The subject is… I would guess, food presented in a dirty and sexy package.

Just like Christine, I'm not sure I get it. I don't think it's aimed at European audiences either. But, all in all, definitely an interesting 5 minutes of your life.

The only question I have: So are you guys gonna take a shower now or what?

Incidentally, if this is the first post of mine you're seeing today, also check out my post on Amazon's Jeff Bezos just below.


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