How business-transparency is really thinking about the long-term ~ Sounds + Food 'n' Retail

This is an opinion-piece and even more open to debate than others. Imagine 2 scenarios: 
a business that bets on the network effect, that tries to lock in their customers, staying up every night worrying about competitors.
a business that starts a two-way communication process from the start. Grows with customers and they grow with the business too. The business-owner goes to bed happily because friends don't leave friends.
Call me a net-hippy, but the latter seems so much better to me. Some advantages I can list are:
  • by opening up a two-way conversation, you create what customers actually want;
  • by creating freedom of expression, you also stimulate a word-of-mouth campaign;
  • your employees are happier and more motivated;
  • you create a deeper loyalty, based on trust and friendship;
  • you create a long-term and sustainable competitive advantage based on intangible assets.
Of course there is no right-all in this direction either. But it seems to me if you're in a market to compete, you've already lost. 


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