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T-Mobile - can a corporation appear human?

The answer is that T-Mobile tries its best. Since I've been a customer, here in the Netherlands, I've received birthday-balloons every year, free movie-tickets, friendly (!) reminders to pay my bills, and most recently, because I changed my billing-adress:

tmobile human.JPG
(Dutch subtitle reads: "visit me for a coffee?" and coffee in the cup can be scratched to release a coffee-smell)

Look, I was cynical too, the first time I received my birthday-balloon. But considering how hard it is for a faceless corporation to have a face, I can really appreciate that they are trying.

I nearly shed a tear when I got this—about 5 of these postcards in an envelope—in my mail, and if I wasn't speaking about a corporation, I would've given them a call and thanked them. The thing is that their rates are nice also and I've since recommended their service to anyone that was looking for a new contract. So, I'm not sure where it's the economics or the service, but their way seems to work.

Alternatively, I'm also a customer of Orange, which gives me a pretty affordable ADSL internet-connection but I hate them. They are unreliable, unfriendly on the phone, overcharged me, and generally I feel unappreciated. I would not recommend the company Orange to anyone.

But get this, just as I was writing this post, I heard that T-Mobile just bought Orange in the Netherlands! Yay!

So face, no face? You decide, but I choose the human corporation.


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