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A musical interlude - "Bagdad Café"

You can't always be informative, you got to have fun too. That, and I need to take time for Tech IT Easy too, for which I have written a post on innovation management and hope to publish it tomorrow. So, as I expect this to happen more often, I have decided to have regular music and media-interludes to bring a little "colour" to this weblog.

"Bagdad Café," aka "Out of Rosenheim" (imdb / wikipedia) is one of my favourite movies. It's very different from what you'd expect. The story plays in the desert, somewhere in the US. A German woman gets stranded there and starts renting a room at the Bagdad Café, which is a little hotel-bar-restaurant in the middle of nowhere. The female owner of the place, in the mean time, is very stressed and unhappy with her current situation. But as soon as her German visitor arrives, weird stuff starts happening. The place mysteriously gets cleaned up and people start having fun. The cafe really transforms from a dusty emptiness, to a vibrant hangout where people want to be. I really like that.

So without further ado, the video below shows some pictures from the film, and is accompanied by the theme-song "Calling You," by Jevetta Steele, which is on the soundtrack. I had no idea it had been covered about a million times since then, for other renditions by people like Elton John to a house-version, do a Google-video-search. I like the Dominique-one also.

Enjoy! And check out the movie if you get a chance!


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