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The Food 'n' Retail Manifesto

Grrr. Manifesto, schmanifesto. I say that because lately it feels that I'm writing a lot of them. That said, I believe people should follow their passions and mine are several, which I try to express through action and writing.

In this case, Food and Retail has a clear purpose. My objective is to find out as much as possible about this world, because I want to work in a field where I can create experiences and gain direct feedback from those experiencing it. F&R fulfils that need nicely.

This blog is thus my path towards achieving that goal. In it, I will write about interesting news in the industry and my own conclusions and visions about it. As far as regularity is concerned, I do have a day-job, so I'm planning on 1-2 editorial posts a week, as well as some smaller re-blogged stories.

Please also read my other writing on Tech IT Easy, where I co-blog, in this case my thoughts on Starbucks (1 & 2), McDonalds (1 & 2), Coca Cola, and, as I expect to write more like this than anything else. 


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