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One of my main goals today is to start a business in the food/drink/entertainment sector, i.e. a restaurant, cafe, club, or similar. I devised a series of steps to achieve that goal, through what I would call a risk-minimisation strategy. The reason being that I believe that proper research results in a better business-plan, a better executed idea, and more trust from your partners and investors.

But what about vision? That's important too right? My father, who is consulting me a little in this venture asked: so if you could take over a place today, which would it be?

This really forced me to think about it, go beyond my oh-so-rational plan. It forced me to remember why I wanted to do this in the first place, look at my inspirations. In my case, there were different experiences which contributed to my dream:

  • when I was 14, I went to Cuba and was invited to a club/bar at the beach. It was completely open, with some tables, a live band, and people dancing. 
  • When I was ca. 17 (around 1992), Prodigy released a music-video for their song "No Good (start the dance)." You can see it below. I liked the coolness-factor and the way it suggested freedom of expression. It inspired me to set up some parties in the same style.
  • When I was 18, I held two parties in semi-abandoned houses, representing that vision. The consensus of many was that it was the best party they've ever been too. Controlled freedom, is what I would have called the experience. There were bands, separate rooms with different themes, an insane amount of booze, and a diverse crowd.
  • When I went to uni in Manchester (2000-2004), I went to a whole diversity of clubs in this semi-industrial city. They were all a great inspiration, and one particular one, which had style (forgot the name now), was excellent. Another, Holy City Zoo was cool as well. I like the combination of glamour but a lack of judgement also.
  • In Rotterdam (now), I really like a restaurant / Hotel called Bazar. It has a mediterean / middle-eastern spirit, which is represented in the decor and the food they serve. The organisation is tremendously efficient as well, and you can see an open kitchen. Even the toilet is an object of beauty.
  • In Barcelone (2006), I saw some amazing architecture, a gym on the beach, an intimate jazz-club, all great inspirations to me.
Of course it is probably impossible to integrate all these great things into a single idea. But when you are working towards something, it is important to follow your values and dreams as much as possible. It motivates you, creates passion and loyalty, and most of all communicates good things to your customers. 

Stuff to think about.

I'll leave you with Prodigy - No Good (start the dance):


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