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Happy Blog-Day: 5 Blogs I like!

Hello world!

Today is a good day, it's Blog Day! Since this is a new blog, just a baby really, I have decided to post pictures that I like from five blogs, some of which I've only recently uncovered. I hope you'll enjoy!

Design Sponge
No words, just watch.

Cycling 2
No words, just watch.

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space
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I think this is an important topic with the right social message. US-focussed unfortunately, but a universal message.

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No words, just watch.
And last, but not least!

Signal versus Noise
Many words and a blog I've been reading for a while. Tech-readers will know this blog, because it's by the people from 37signals and the programming-language, Ruby-on-Rails. The blog is not all about software though, some great principles of design are discussed, using both real-world and graphic examples.

So that's it! Please feel free to suggest some interesting links of your own if you happen to be passing by. Everything goes!

For stuff I've actually been reading for a while, please also check my Blog-Day picks on Tech IT Easy.


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