Slight change: let's make things more interesting ~ Sounds + Food 'n' Retail

This blog and myself are still in the gestation-phase, which means I'm still forming my thoughts about my future business and finding my voice here. That said, all my past thoughts about opening a venue in this area involved creating great experiences, yes, offering food 'n' drink, yes, but also making music an important ingredient. Much of this should've already been clear to me from my post on inspirations, but hey, I'm not that smart.

Now, I'm not going to change the url for now, as that would be a wasted effort in marketing, but I did rename the blog, and purposefully mentioning "Sounds" first, to not make it sound like an afterthought.

Why the food and retail? I suppose, I should explain that too. If you look at successful chains, they often integrate various services into their venues. Starbucks sells CDs and internet-access, next to their coffee and other products. McDonalds sells toys and internet-access. You get the idea. While I think of a food-venue as something more personable, more intimate, it is still first and foremost a business, and much can be learned from the world of retail there. More later.


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