Vision part 2 ~ Sounds + Food 'n' Retail

Vision part 2

I did not present anything like a coherent vision based on my inspirations, except if you read between the lines. If I were to present one now, I would say:

I want to start a place which allows for controlled freedom—i.e. people have to be free to experience a broad range of emotions, as they desire. At the same time, there is a sound engine underneath this experience, which focusses on providing best-in-class quality. 
Much of this will come from the people working there, their values, and their interactive skills with visitors. Much of it will be the environment, the decor, the music playing, which should be varied and quirky. And the food & drink enjoyed should be a rich experience, one you will tell your friends about.
And much of it will come from the type of customer, whom I still have to get a better picture off… because I don't want to be discriminating and instead base this on further study, thought, and simple coincidence.
The next step is now to work towards achieving such a vision, which depends on the series of steps I linked to in my last post (to be tweaked as more experience is gained). To recap, those are: 
  • initial research, which I will discuss in my next post
  • gain hands-on experience
  • conduct a more thorough research and write the business-plan
  • start the sucker
  • etc. etc.


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