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Let's talk music-venue scenarios

This is an area, I'm probably most comfortable with, and thus like to talk / write about. I suppose there is different formats to go with here, of which there are four categorisations: 

  • Pop-music
  • Niche-music
  • Loud-music
  • Background-music
I believe that the best products are those that you believe in, as you put most thought into it, most effort into selling them as well. I personally like the loud kind to a degree, dancing is great, and niche-music is often better than MTV's finest. But I come to music-venues to relax as well, to meet friends, and have conversations. Any place that I would create, would have to integrate both loud- and background-music and be niche. That's simple.

Now, how would you organise this? For now, I can only base my thoughts on past experiences. A woman I met on a plane told me once that she puts different aspects of her life (relationships, money, family, etc.) into different rooms in the house that is her world. I like that approach, and would like to create a similar venue, which puts different interests into different settings. 

That brings forth some design-considerations. Let's propose scenario 1
3 floors, guests enter on the level floor, which is the bar, they descend to the basement, which is the dance-floor, or they ascend to the top-floor, which is the restaurant.

There's also scenario 2:
A flat building, with 3 rooms. Guests enter through the bar, from there they can go through a soundproof tunnel to the dance-area, or through a second doorway, to the restaurant.

A final scenario, I can think off, is a little more abstract, and scenario 3; It is based on the concept of 'silent disco' and thus involves a technological, and probably complicated solution. It is different though! Basically:
It is one large room. There is a dance-floor in the middle, and bars surrounding it, as well as one being in the middle. On the edges of the room, there are arrangements for people to eat. And this is the gist for it all to integrate! The room has a relaxing music playing, and the dancers, they get headphones to dance with.

Why I like scenario 3, is because I'd like to find a solution where people can easily dance and lose themselves in music. But I'd like for people to easily be able to switch to chat-mode. Why I don't like it is because of the technological barriers: is it comfortable to dance with headphones? How would you organise the logistics? And would people feel comfortable in such a setting? Still, I like this scenario the most somehow, it's different.

Very early-stage thinking obviously, but enjoyable. More thoughts on this as my thinking evolves! Btw. writing about real-world entertainment-venues is very fun, because it's a big world, and you actually want people to steal your ideas to test them for you. 


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